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This site depicts the wanderings of a hopelessly wandering soul trapped in a delightful tropical paradise called Saipan for the past years.
Come with me on a trip to never-never land and let’s explore nooks and crannies and come back with treasure troves of stories beyond the borders of your rooms and backyards.

Browse through the pages of and take travel tips, practical advice, guidance or just read articles about useful and necessary tools and gadgets for travel. is not just your ordinary travel website. It is your tool to make your travel dreams come true!

Nowadays, The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click.

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  1. Ron Wright

    I have a theory about wandering souls… I’m one, and have worked with many, on rivers, in mangroves, across mountain trails. Its a good theory, though a little out of left field from a geneticist’s standpoint.

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