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(Video: Raquel C Bagnol)

TINIAN, Northern Mariana Islands– A boy from Tinian mesmerizes the guests as he dances with fire during one of the annual Pika or hot pepper festival nights.

Firedancing is always the most awaited part in most of the traditional dance presentations at events on Saipan and Tinian. Firedancing is also one of the main dinner attractions  for some of the hotels like Mariana Resort & Spa, Fiesta Resort & Spa, Saipan World Resort, and Pacific Islands Club during the Island Theme nights.

Watch and hold your breath as these dancers show their skill in juggling sticks with fire on both ends.

About On the Raks

About On the Raks

Who, me? There's nothing much to say, except that I am a nocturnal being who has seen very few sunrises in my entire existence, and writes, shoots and writes when the mood strikes a drifter who wants to see the world but is currently stranded in an island. Watch out world, I'm gonna get paroled very soon! LoL

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